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I can't remember my User ID. What should I do?

If you can't remember your User ID, you can sign in using your Discover Account number. Once you're logged in, visit My Profile to view your current User ID. If you like, you may change it there. For security reasons, it is preferable to use your User ID for routine log ins, once you have ascertained it.

Please note: As a security measure, you will only be allowed three incorrect login attempts before you will be locked out of the system. If this happens, please go through the Account Unlock process.

If I have a User ID, can I still use my account number to log in?

For your security, it is preferable to use your User ID to log in. We make it possible for users to log in with their account number in the case that they have forgotten their User ID, but if you know your User ID it is preferable to use that when logging in.

How can I change my User ID?

Log in to your account and go to My Profile where you can update your User ID and other profile information.

Can you help me choose a User ID?

Yes. Your User ID should be something that others can't guess but is easy for you to remember without writing it down. It's a good idea to use something personal that only you would know.

You should also consider:

  • Your User ID must be 6 to 16 characters, is not case sensitive, and can contain any character found on your computer's keyboard expcept: apostrophes ('), quotation marks ("), back slashes (\), and spaces.
  • As an added security measure, your User ID and password cannot be the same
  • Your User ID should use a combination of letters and numbers (e.g., jim14my or my2dog5is), but avoid having numbers at the beginning or the end
  • Avoid dictionary words, family or pet names, your birthday, your anniversary or your social security number
  • It can be helpful to use a word you can remember, but can replace some of the letters with numbers or special characters (e.g., P@55w0rd)

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